Review of The Presto 06852 16 Inch Electric Skillet with Glass Cover

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that one of the most popular electrical skillets in the market is the 06852 model with glass cover. The glass lid of this appliance allow the user to use it as a buffet server, and as a great and versatile cooking machine. Despite the fact that this unit is quite cheap, you should look for more information and details before deciding if this specific design can suit your needs.

Cuisinart GreenGourmet Eco Friendly 11 Inch Square Grill Pan

The Cuisinart GreenGourmet cookware products are probably greener than most other kitchen appliances including other griddles and grills, but this doesn’t mean than these units are better at cooking. At a first glance, the GreenGourmet eco friendly 11 inch design looks like an interesting grilling pan that might be worth a try. For more information about how well does this product perform, check out this review.

Cuisinart GR-4 Griddler Stainless Steel 4-in-1 Grill/Griddle and Panini Press

Despite the fact that the GR 4 machine isn’t as cheap as some of its rivals, it still is a popular product that has a lot of potential. There are more positive features that exist in this kitchen item other than the 4-in-1 multi-functionality, but the unit does have its own shortcomings. If you want to know more about the product you can read this review.

Reviews of The Different Rival Electric Griddle Models

Although there aren’t many griddles nowadays that can be considered to be as popular as the average Presto machine, there is one model of the popular Rival company that can compete many of the other units – the GRF400 Fold n Store model that is definitely a successful cooking appliance in today’s market. However, other than this specific unit, how well would the other units of this brand perform when put to the test?

Black & Decker G48TD Grill and Waffle Maker Review

Although the Black and Decker waffle maker is considered to be a waffle maker it can also function has a grill or griddler. It’s true that not many electronic griddles has the multi functionality feature (the Cuisinart griddler also has a similar feature), but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the unit can function well in all these different forms. Should you buy the Black & Decker G48TD waffle baker and or should you look for an alternative?

Reviews of The Broil King Electric Griddles

One of the most famous appliances of the BroilKing Company is the PCG-10 professional design that is considered by a couple of resources as a quality cooking machine. This page presents reviews of this PCG-10 product, as well as other units that are manufactured by the said American company.