Presto 07045 Family-Size Cool-Touch Tilt’N Drain Electric Griddle

This is a review of the 07045 model by Presto.

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One of the first things that you’ll notice when you see this unit is the big size of this appliance. Even though the square shaped surface doesn’t look very large in the picture, the actual dimensions of this specific model are 19-2/5 by 15-4/5 by 3-8/9 inches – which is far from being small or even average and it would probably be hard to find a different product that offers such a spacious cooking surface.

Presto 07045 Family-Size Cool-Touch Tilt'N Drain Electric GriddleOther than the surface’s size, the 07045 model also comes with a non-stick coating that is extremely common among many other griddles. Another feature that is included is the tilt n drain functionality (as you can understand from the product’s name). This feature allows you to easily tilt the griddle in order to drain the unwanted grease and cooking oils or simply use the “level” position of the appliance (depending on what you’re cooking).

While the tilt’n drain can be handy in a lot of situations, it could accidentally change into the drain position if you’re not careful or decide to move the whole unit.

Another thing that may make it harder for you to clean the appliance is its large size. Washing this bulky product in the sink is definitely not easy, even if you happened to have a huge sink. In addition, despite the fact that it is actually dishwasher safe, it truly isn’t recommended to place this nonstick unit (or any other non stick cookware) in the dishwasher that will likely damage the ‘non-stick’ coating.

Additionally, this electronic tool has a cool touch base that should provide the users with more safety overall, but it’s up to the consumer to cook with it cautiously.

The Presto 07045 family sized unit also includes the control master heat control that should, at least in theory, help maintaining the set temperatures automatically. Nevertheless, it seems that this electronic griddle doesn’t heat evenly as you might want or need.

There are some hot spots on the surface of the appliance, and you could end up with some of the food burned. For example, the top right side of the 07045 product’s surface has the connection of the heating element – this is probably the hottest part of the surface where dishes often get overcooked.

It’s also possible to see the heating element of the appliance and act accordingly, like placing the food and the butter first in the middle first and last on the top right side. Basically, the uneven heating of this particular design is the main problem that should concern you.

Another issue with the Presto 07045 could be the difficulty to store such a large kitchen appliance, but it’s definitely not as crucial as the distribution of heat across the surface.

On a good note, this kitchen tool has a very attractive price and can be bought for real cheap compared to other griddles. Of course, if you wish to get a more expensive and better quality unit then it’s up to you to pick another appliance. With some improvements added to the model, the 07045 cool-touch tilt’n drain design could certainly have a lot of potential.