Review of The Compact Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle Model

This is a review of the the 07211 Liddle model.

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Equipped with a nonstick cooking surface that measures at 10.5 by 8.5 inches, this 07211 design is a small appliance that is intended for the use of one to two people. Its size makes it look like a compact version of other Presto griddles, mostly those that offer a large cooking surface along with the disadvantages of a heavy and space consuming machine.

Presto Liddle GriddleOn the other hand, this Liddle model doesn’t take a lot of space, neither on the kitchen’s counter when using it nor in the cabinet when storing it (that’s why the unit is sometimes called the Presto mini griddle).

After removing the unit’s heat control, the 07211 appliance can be fully submersible in soapy, warm water. Therefore, this item can be put in the dishwasher, and unlike other electrical griddles, this one will leave plenty of space for other dishes.

What about the performance of this kitchen tool, can this small machine really match other griddles’ cooking results?

Well, the reason that this model heat and cool faster than other griddles is probably – its small size. The 07211 Liddle design doesn’t only heat quickly; but it also maintains its heat temperatures much longer than other models, an important factor if you want to have another batch of pancakes or other foods.

Being made of cast aluminum, this compact machine provides a heating mechanism that distributes the heat quite evenly across its cooking surface. It should be noted that most of the electronic griddles in the market suffer from some sort of uneven heating. In some griddles it can result in half of the food being undercooked and the other half being overcooked, while in others it can be barely noticeable.

Other than the areas over the heating element being slightly hotter, the 07211 unit offers an evenly-heating surface that can easily rival and even outmatch many of the top models in the market, especially the big ones that take much longer to heat. This results in tasty food being properly heated, including the perfectly brown pancakes that many are looking for – these would require much less efforts and leave a wider range of mistakes for the users who cook on this Liddle product.

Presto 07211 Liddle GriddleMoreover, this appliance is also very cheap like other Presto griddles that boast with the most attractive prices in the market. In addition, the 07211 design is easy to clean with its nonstick surface and the built-in channel for catching the extra grease.

Pancakes, bacons, eggs and even hamburgers are only some of the foods that can be cooked on this Liddle appliance with good results. This unit can easily take the place of electrical skillets or gas grills with its only downside being its small size.

When taking into account that the Presto Liddle machine is ideal for a relatively small number of people and not a crowd, this cheap appliance can be great for cooking a small breakfast without making the cleaning hard on its user. However, if you are looking for a product that would offer a spacious cooking surface, then the model reviewed here might not be the best choice.

So if you don’t want to settle for a small and compact unit you can search for other countertop griddles that offer a large cooking surface, or you can get the Presto Liddle griddle and enjoy its great qualities.

Other than the kitchen tool reviewed on this page, the Presto company is also known for their pressure cookers. According to Wikipedia pressure cooking is a specific cooking method that is done by a vessel that prevents any liquids or air to escape bellow a certain pressure level. However, the pressure cookers manufactured by the said brand (and the products of other brands) are quite different from most griddles, and the 07211 Liddle unit is no exception.

5 thoughts on “Review of The Compact Presto 07211 Liddle Griddle Model”

  1. We have been using our same Liddle Griddle to make pancakes now for 36 years. Talk about a great, long-lasting product.

  2. I’ve been looking for a replacement griddle for my 1980 version! My 1980 version is 11*11 inches: now with broken handles and temperature regulator no longer works, but it still cooks the best pancakes in the south!

    I’ve been searching for years now to no avail…I am sold on this griddle for it’s size, even heating surface & price! Thank you Presto!!!

  3. What I read here is interesting, and I guess I won’t get the presto 07211 liddle model since it’s too small for my family. I know from friends that most of the big presto electric griddles are not the best choice, to say the least. But apparently the small liddle unit is much better, too bad that it’s not as big as the other griddles…

  4. Although I am not that experienced with the presto kitchen appliances, I did see the way that one of their products function, I believe that it was one of those family sized griddles. I don’t remember it’s exact model but it was large and bulky, and I am pretty sure it had a much larger surface than this presto liddle mini 07211.
    Anyway, it wasn’t such a great machine, it had cold and hot spots that made it hard to cook the food evenly. On the other hand, I do own the presto 07211 little griddle. Yeah, it has a quite small surface, but it heats up pretty even and cook the pancakes the way I like them (and I usually don’t use it for large crowds, so the small size is not a big issue).

  5. If it was just for me and perhaps another person I would seriously consider getting the presto liddle griddle. However, I guess it wouldn’t be enough for a large crowd so I am going to search for a bigger machine. The review is interesting thought.

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