Rival GR225 10-by-20-Inch Model with Removable Nonstick Plate

This is a review of the GR225 model. If you want to get the Rival GR225 10-by-20-inch electric griddle with removable nonstick plate, Click Here.

One of the more evident features that this appliance is advertised for is being an extra large griddle with a nonstick cooking surface that measures 10 by 20 inches. Obviously, a big cooking surface is definitely an important thing if you are looking for a relatively large cooking product, but the unit also needs to function properly in order to make it a worthwhile purchase.

Rival GR225 10-by-20-Inch Electric Griddle with Removable Nonstick PlateAt a first glance the GR225 design does look like a nice appliance that can be easy to clean.

After all, this is not a simple griddler with a cooking surface that is fixed to the whole unit and cannot be put in the dishwasher. On the contrary, this Rival product does have a removable griddle plate that, according to the manufacturer, should be dishwasher safe.

However, the nonstick coating of this item is far from being satisfactory. Food has a tendency to stick almost every time you heat the ‘non stick’ surface, and if that’s not bad enough, the heating mechanism of this kitchen tool is also not very good.

To begin with, it’s really hard to even get this unit hot enough to cook. And if you do get lucky enough to get it reasonably hot, you’ll be forced to deal with the uneven heating of the surface and the hot/cold spots. So, if the Rival GR225 model doesn’t heat evenly and the various foods just keep sticking to its ‘nonstick’ surface, it would be irrational to choose this product over other electric griddles that can actually cook.

For example, the Broil King PCG 10 professional design is another unit that offers a large nonstick cooking surface, but unlike the Rival GR225, the former item can cook the food pretty well. Most of the Presto griddles also offer a big nonstick surface, and there are other brands that can be used as viable alternatives. In addition, this Rival appliance is not the first unit of its kind with a removable plate – the Cuisinart griddler 5 in 1 has removable cooking plates as well, although the griddler by Cuisinart does cost a lot more than the GR225 model.

It’s safe to say that other than the big size of this product it is the Rival removable plate (which is also dishwasher safe and nonstick as well) that makes this product interesting, at least at a first sight. While it may function fine in its first few uses, it becomes quite difficult to get decent cooking results with this electronic product.

Furthermore, it doesn’t seem that the item is a durable unit that can last for a long time. It’s not only that the nonstick coating isn’t very effective at preventing the food from sticking to the surface, but the nonstick surface itself can wear off quite early, rendering the entire cooking appliance unusable.

Moreover, even if you season it properly (and it’s generally important to season all electric griddles from time to time, regardless if they are nonstick or not), the unit still doesn’t cook very well – and if it’s that a trouble for you to be able to cook pancakes, eggs or anything else, why bother buying this product in the first place? Particularly when you have the opportunity to get better kitchen units that won’t cook this bad.

If you still decide to buy the Rival GR225 10-by-20-inch with removable nonstick plate, be sure to keep the receipt somewhere safe, since there is a good chance that you’ll want to return the entire product.

In case you insist on getting an item manufactured by the same brand, it may be a good idea to check the Rival Fold n Store griddle that is much better than the poor design reviewed on this page.

Other than the removable plate model which is far from being a popular unit, there are many kitchen units and electronic griddles that would do a much better cooking job than the not so good GR225 model. Despite the fact that this particular product isn’t very good, it’s necessary to mention that not all the Rival griddles perform this bad, and as mentioned before the Rival GRF405 folding design is much better than the GR225 reviewed here. If you are still looking for an extra large appliance and wouldn’t settle for a small griddler, you should know that there are other alternative in the market. The Broil King electric griddles usually offer a pretty big nonstick cooking surface, the brand also has a professional unit which is quite successful (and other models that are less successful like the Broil King GRD550 and the BroilKing USG-10 ultra large).