West Bend 6200 Hi-Rise Rotary Belgian Waffle Maker

On this web page you can find a review of the rotary waffle maker manufactured by West Bend. If you wish to get the West Bend 6200 Hi-Rise rotary Belgian waffle maker, Click Here.

To begin with, the size of this unit is supposed to allow its user to bake 7 inch round and one inch thick Belgian waffles. One evident feature that this product has is the rotation function. What exactly is the purpose of the rotating function?

West Bend 6200 Hi-Rise Rotary Belgian Waffle MakerAfter pouring the batter into Belgian waffle plates and placing the food that you wish to bake, the rotation function should help spread the batter a lot better across the bottom and top plates and eventually cook the food more evenly.

Other features that the appliance has are the “power” and “ready” indicator lights, the dark/light browning control and a cool touch handle. The dark/light browning control can be used to deal with the individual preferences of each and every person. What about the performance of this design?

The West Bend Rotary Waffle Maker’s Performance

While the unit has a rotation feature that should help it cook the food much better, it still has some problems that you should know about. First of all, the baked food does tend to stick to the plates of the unit – this is despite the fact that it actually has nonstick plates.

Other than that, the rotating function might work fine in the beginning, however, this part tends to get stuck very often and a lot of people also complain that the handle actually broke after a relatively short amount of time.

It’s true that this kitchen tool doesn’t cost a lot of money, but if it isn’t durable enough to last more than a couple of months then why should people buy it in the first place? Perhaps a simpler and less complicated design (without the rotating function for example) would have yielded much better results.

Additional features which are included with this model are the folding feature for compact storage, the dishwasher safe and removable drip tray and of course, the instructions / recipes that are also included with the unit. Another important thing to mention about the 6200 Hi-Rise rotary unit is that its Belgian waffle plates cannot be removed for easy cleaning.

Regardless if you’re thinking about obtaining this appliance or not, it would be smart to try healthy food recipes and not only delicious foods that are less good for the well being of our bodies (by the way, there are more than enough alternatives to this West Bend rotary waffle maker). For example, you may discover that whole grain waffles could be just as good the regular waffles that you can bake (depending on how skilled you are). Other necessary things are to drink enough water, exercise regularly and try to quit smoking. Anyway, the kitchen unit probably won’t be the best product for you buy regardless if you want to eat healthier recipes or not.