Wolfgang Puck WPRGG0010 1800-Watt Reversible Nonstick Grill

This page contains a review of the WPRGG0010 model. In case you want to get the Wolfgang Puck WPRGG0010 1800-watt reversible nonstick grill and griddle, Click Here.

Wolfgang Puck WPRGG0010 1800-Watt Reversible Nonstick Grill and GriddleOne of the first things you’ll notice when seeing this appliance is its big size.

While having a versatile cooking tool that has a large nonstick surface is obviously a good thing, you may find it troublesome to store the bulky unit in a small cabinet or place it on top of a small kitchen counter.

As its name suggests, this product can be used both as a grill and as a griddle – it has a reversible cooking surface, meaning that you can flip it over to the ridged side in order to use it as a grill, or the smooth side that is meant to be used as a griddle. Since this Wolfgang Puck design has a reversible surface that’s also quite large, you can cook a wide range of dishes and recipes with ease with this appliance.

Despite the fact that the WPRGG0010 model has a nonstick coating, it’s still recommended to season its cooking surface regularly for maximum efficiency. This is actually the case with all nonstick products and cookware – you still have to season the surface in order for it to be effective.

Wolfgang Puck Electric GriddleAnd unlike many other nonstick grills and griddles, the surface of this electrical machine does prevent the food from sticking to it and seems to be quite durable.

Moreover, the item has a couple of features that make it a lot easier to clean. The reversible nonstick surface can be released for fast cleanup, and it also comes with useful grease channels and a removable drip tray, thus allowing the user to cook healthier food as well.

How Well Does The Wolfgang Puck Reversible Grill & Griddle Work?

It’s not rare for nonstick electric griddles to have problematic surface that doesn’t heat evenly, and often includes hot and cold spots. Although there are also areas that are hotter in the cooking surface of the WPRGG0010 model, those are barely noticeable and as you gain more cooking experience with the unit it becomes a non issue. Other than this, the heat distribution is fairly good – you can easily cook pancakes and eggs on the flat surface of this kitchen appliance.

Wolfgang Puck Reversible Grill & GriddleThat said, the heat distribution is better than many other nonstick electrical griddles (like some of the big Presto griddles for example, although the Presto 07211 Liddle griddle also has a surface that heats quite evenly).

In addition, it doesn’t take a lot of time for this product to get hot enough to cook, and it also maintains the heat pretty well.

So, the Wolfgang Puck WPRGG0010 model has a large nonstick surface, it cooks the food nicely, not very hard to clean and seems to be a durable kitchen appliance. However, the price of this unit is far from being cheap, but if you are looking for quality you’ll have to pay for it.

Other than this versatile and popular cooking tool that is reviewed on this page (obviously it’s not the only versatile unit with this feature. For example the Cuisinart 5 in 1 griddler that isn’t as big as the WPRGG0010, but there are few units in the market that can compete with its 5 in 1 multi-functionality), you can find many other kitchen appliances that could interest you. Some people prefer to use a non electrical pan that would work on a stove instead of a bulky electronic unit. And if the pan is made of heavy cast iron, there is a good chance that the heat will be distributed quite evenly but at the same time the pan is going to be much heavier compared to other pans that are not made of cast iron. However, the Wolfgang Puck griller is still a popular product, and you could probably cook many dishes with it, like hamburger recipes, chocolate pancakes, scrambled eggs, grilled vegetables and much more.