Lodge Logic L8SGP3 Pre-Seasoned Square Grill Pan

This is a review page about the Lodge L8SGP3 model.

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As with any cast iron cooking tool, this product is quite heavy and will give your forearms a good workout whether you like it or not. It seems that this grilling pan can reach really high temperatures and maintain the heat for a longer time compared to other similar cooking items that are not made of cast iron.

Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Square Grill PanOn the other hand, this square shaped unit does not have a nonstick surface, so it’s necessary to season it from time to time – and this is despite the fact that it actually comes pre-seasoned.

Unlike other nonstick pans that can be easier to clean in the beginning but may very well deteriorate with time, the L8SGP3 model will only get better with time if you treat it properly.

It’s usually enough to wash this product with hot water, just don’t use soap and be careful not to scrub it too hard. Moreover, you need to keep the grilling pan dry, since it will get rust if it gets wet. Seasoning it is also important, and although the food does tend to stick in the first few uses, it will become more nonstick as the pan grill is used over time (and there is nothing better than the natural ‘nonstick’ coating that builds up).

This Lodge product has a square shaped surface with deep grooves that collect the fat and unhealthy grease. The grill ridges of this unit are actually tall enough to elevate the food so that there is a small distance between the unhealthy grease and the food that is being cooked. In addition, the high ridges leave nice sear marks on the food, and the pan itself adds a nice grilled flavor to the food.

On the other hand, the Lodge Logic grill pan does create some smoke when you cook with it (especially if you heat it to a scorching temperature), so you’ve got to make sure that the windows are wide open and the area is ventilated. However, the smoke also adds a great deal of smoky flavor to the grilled food – a flavor that is very close to the real thing, and unfortunately, not many grilling pans today can achieve results that at least resemble those produced by outdoor grills.

Because of the fact that this product is made of cast iron, it’s not hard to reach high temperatures with this cooking tool. The surface is able to maintain the heat much better than many other nonstick pans that are made of aluminum or other materials.

Lodge Max Temp Handle Mitt, BlackIt is also necessary to mention that the handle of this grilling item can get very hot, so you’ll have to be careful not to touch the product without a mitt or pot holder, or at least allow it to cool before touching it.

Despite the fact that the Lodge L8SGP3 is a sturdy cast iron unit that can be heated to high temperatures, the heat is not always distributed perfectly evenly, but it can be used to cook delicious grilled food. Furthermore, unlike other nonstick pans that may become unusable if the surface is damaged or scratched, this Lodge square grill item looks like a durable product that could last for many years.

Overall, the L8SGP3 model is a relatively cheap grilling pan that is made of cast iron. It’s also heavy, has no nonstick surface and does tend to create some smoke. However, you can achieve great cooking results with the Lodge Logic L8SGP3 grill pan and it can also reach high temperatures and add a nice smoky flavor at the same time. But you’ll need to be careful not to touch the handle while the food is being cooked, since the whole pan gets extremely hot.