Wolfgang Puck WPER0010 Electrical Combination Skillet, Roaster, and Fryer

The WPER0010 model is another such electrical unit that could draw your attention. It can function as a fryer and roaster other than a skillet, and like many different electricronic skillets in the market – this design of the Wolfgang Puck brand also comes with a nonstick coating. Additionally, this product also has an adjustable steam release control that would release the pressure that is normally created inside the appliance. For more details about this item and its performance you can read this review.

West Bend 72212 Skillet

One more frying pan that you can find in the marketplace is the West Bend 72215 extra-deep Oblong 12-by-15-inch nonstick machine. This specific design comes with high sides that are not prevalent among many similar appliances nowadays. In addition, this unit includes a couple of other handy features that you could enjoy. However, as with any other kitchen appliance, this product does have negative points that you should know about before purchasing it.

Review of The Presto 06852 16 Inch Electric Skillet with Glass Cover

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that one of the most popular electrical skillets in the market is the 06852 model with glass cover. The glass lid of this appliance allow the user to use it as a buffet server, and as a great and versatile cooking machine. Despite the fact that this unit is quite cheap, you should look for more information and details before deciding if this specific design can suit your needs.