Nostalgia Electrics FG100-BLK Folding Griddle

There is no doubt that the eletrical griddles of Nostalgia Electrics are less familiar to the public when compared to other brands in the field like Presto, Cuisinart, Broil King and etc. One of their products is the Nostalgia FG100-BLK folding model, which can actually be folded for easy storage (as its name suggests). In addition, there are other details about this particular unit that might be of interest to you.

Wolfgang Puck WPRGG0010 1800-Watt Reversible Nonstick Grill

Another popular cooking product that people are interested in is the Wolfgang Puck WPRGG0010 electrical grill. This one is definitely not the cheapest unit that you could find in the market, but has some features that make it very useful and easy to use. For example, it has a really big nonstick surface that can be used not only as an grill, but as a griddle as well (and there aren’t many griddles that can be used as grills as well).

Black & Decker G48TD Grill and Waffle Maker Review

Although the Black and Decker waffle maker is considered to be a waffle maker it can also function has a grill or griddler. It’s true that not many electronic griddles has the multi functionality feature (the Cuisinart griddler also has a similar feature), but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the unit can function well in all these different forms. Should you buy the Black & Decker G48TD waffle baker and or should you look for an alternative?

Review of the West Bend 76220 20 by 10 Inch Griddle

Find information and specific details about this West Bend machine that has a couple of interesting features, including a big nonstick cooking surface that rival those offered by Presto. Another aspect that makes this appliance appealing is its price. Along with the average Presto unit, the West Bend 76220 is one of the cheapest countertop griddles that are available today. So, how well does this unit perform?

Black & Decker GR100 Family-Sized Nonstick Model

A review that mentions some of the general features of the Black and Decker GR100 model that are supposed to help the user cooking better quality food when compared to other cooking products. However, how accurate are the product’s description that details all of these interesting features when compared to the performance of this Black & Decker product in reality? In other words, is the GR100 design really worth the money?