Review of the West Bend 76220 20 by 10 Inch Griddle

The page contains a review about the West Bend 76220 20 by 10 inch griddle. If you want to get this product, Click Here.

Although the West Bend griddles are not as popular as the Presto griddles, the 76220 model is one of the few models that can actually compete with the big size of the average Presto unit. In addition, this West Bend appliance also distributes the heat much more evenly compared to the Presto unit, and the griddle’s surface is perfectly flat.

West Bend 76220 20 by 10 Inch GriddleWith a cooking surface that measures at 20.5 by 10.5 inches, the 76220 design is big enough to cook pancakes for a crowd. However, this appliance may not fit every countertop or kitchen cabinet, so it’s advised to make sure that your kitchen can accommodate the large unit before buying it.

Like many other griddles, the heat distribution of this product is not perfect, but it’s certainly enough to cook tasty and properly heated food. While the area next to the heat control is the hottest, the edges of the unit on left side are a bit cooler than the rest of the surface. So placing the food on the corners further away from the heat control first would be a good idea.

Additionally, the 76220 design maintains its cooking temperature pretty well when compared to other kitchen appliances. It also heats up quite fast and the nonstick surface prevents the pancakes or any other food from sticking to it.

Moreover, this item has a grease channel that drains the meat juices and grease into a slide-out tray at the end of the unit. Although it does help draining the unwanted grease, when cooking high fat foods like hamburgers or bacon the situation can get a little messy. Not something that cannot be solved by manual cleaning.

Another feature of this kitchen tool that can help with the cleanup is the fact that this unit is also fully submersible in water and dishwasher safe (when the temperature control is removed). However, not every dishwasher is big enough in order to fit the large size of this product, so the user may not be able to enjoy the dishwasher safe feature of this unit.

In addition the 76220 model is relatively cheap (quite like the price of various other Presto griddles), and the entire unit cost much less than the Broil King appliance or the popular Cuisinart griddler. Other than the cheap price, the 76220 machine also comes with a 90 day warranty.

Overall, this product is indeed an interesting appliance that offers a large cooking surface for a relatively cheap price. While the unit may have problems draining the grease of high fat foods like bacon, it isn’t an issue when cooking pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, eggs and more. There aren’t many electrical griddles that can compete with the performance of the said West Bend model for its set price.

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  1. I own this griddle, it is a great size. However the heating is very irregular, like the thermostat has to wide of a range from when it turns off the heat when it reaches the set temp to when it turns back on to heat again. It seams to be anywhere from 50 to 100 degrees differance. It is enough to make it seam like the unit lost power while cooking bacon. It will be sizzling and cooking and in a couple of minutes while cooking it will get cold enough to stop sizzling. Then it will get hot again in a few minutes and continue that cycle. I am very disappointed in this product. I am looking for a replacement that is significantly higher quality to replace it. Any ideas or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Currently unavailable.
    We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.

    according to the link above on amazon

  3. I have to say that I am pretty pleased with the size of the griddle. It’s big enough to fit more than eight pancakes at a time, and it heats up rather quickly. However, I would be much happier with this appliance if it heated more evenly. It’s still a good product for this price (got it for less than 50 bucks), but just not perfect.

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