Rival CKRVGRFM10 10 by 20 Inch Design Black

Another interesting product that is available nowadays is the CKRVGRFM10 design. This particular model has a couple of useful features that nearly every consumer would appreciate, and if that’s not enough then it is also fairly cheap. However, are there any other issues that should concern you regarding this particular machine? Check this review in order to find out.

Rival GR225 10-by-20-Inch Model with Removable Nonstick Plate

At a first glance the GR225 unit may very well look like a big and durable product. It has an interesting feature that not many other appliances have – a removable plate, which is both nonstick and dishwasher safe at the same time. However, can this GR225 function as a good extra large cooking machine? You can find more information about this appliance and its removable nonstick plate in this review.

Reviews of The Different Rival Electric Griddle Models

Although there aren’t many griddles nowadays that can be considered to be as popular as the average Presto machine, there is one model of the popular Rival company that can compete many of the other units – the GRF400 Fold n Store model that is definitely a successful cooking appliance in today’s market. However, other than this specific unit, how well would the other units of this brand perform when put to the test?

Review of The Improved Rival Folding Griddle

Perhaps not as popular as other Presto griddles, the folding unit can still compete with the top brands with its unique feature that most of its rivals just don’t have – the ability to be folded for easy storage. The GRF405 is the new design of GRF400 Fold n Store appliance that also has the folding feature but lack the improvements that were added to the new version.

This unit is still relatively cheap when compared to other griddles that are available today. However, the GRF405 product has more to offer than just an attractive price and a useful folding feature.