Review of The Improved Rival Folding Griddle

This is a review of the Rival Fold-n-Store griddle GRF405. If want to get this unit, Click Here.

The large cooking surface of the GRF405 model measures at 20 by 10 inches, and is divided into two parts. Each side of the griddle has an adjustable temperature control, thus allowing the user to cook two different foods at separate temperatures.

Although this appliance is quite big, it can be stored easily due to its folding feature. Using this feature, this Rival folding design can fit almost any cabinet in the average kitchen, unlike other large electric griddles that require much more space. It is important to note that this machine cannot be used in its folded position like a contact grill; it must be unfolded in order to function.

Rival GRF405 Fold n Store GriddleAt a first glance the GRF405 unit looks fairly similar to the previous model – the Rival GRF400 Fold n Store appliance– with its design and its unique folding feature.

However, the new design provides better results in various aspects compared to the older version, including its cost. The newer GRF405 is cheaper than the older version, and the heat distributes more evenly across the surface.

The removable nonstick plates help with the cleaning process of this kitchen tool, and can even be put in the dishwasher without catching a lot of space. Moreover, it’s advised to season the GRF405 model before first use according to the instructions in order to prevent the food from sticking to the cooking surface.

Many people today tend to use new products without a proper reading of the manual. These habits can cause people to miss important details and therefore should be avoided. In this case, it’s recommended to use the grease tray according to the manual; this drip tray won’t be of much benefit to the user in its storage position. It would save the user some cleaning efforts and would also improve the initial experience with this Rival folding appliance.

Although the GRF405 Fold-n-Store machine can do fairly well with the removal of the extra grease, high fatty dishes like hamburger might be harder for this unit to handle. Such dishes would require the user to empty the grease tray in order to avoid overflowing of the extra grease.

On the other hand, other foods like pancakes, French toasts and eggs won’t cause the grease to overflow. For these kinds of foods cleaning is fairly easy, and the dishes are being evenly cooked with the heat distribution of this product.

This portable unit is ideal for a cabin or different events that don’t take place in the kitchen. The Rival Fold-n-Store GRF405 can be carried for long distances in rough conditions with its surface barely get a scratch. This is provided that the appliance is in its folded position, a position that protects the cooking surface and allows the unit to be conveniently moved from place to place.

It’s also important to place the GRF405 model on a level surface. Gravity combined with a tilted griddle certainly won’t do any good to the cooking process and the quality of the final results.

Overall, the relatively cheap price and the unique folding feature make the Rival GRF405 Fold n Store model an attractive kitchen appliance for getting quality cooking results.

Another product that uses electricity in order to heat up is the electric stove. This large electrical unit is used in more and more households today, and is much more expensive than many other electronic griddles in the market. While the Fold-n-Store GRF405 product can be folded and easily maneuvered, the electrical stove is meant to be stationary. Because of the fact that the Rival folding machine can be easily folded and stored, it makes it a good product for people who don’t have much available space in their kitchen or cabinet, and thus will find it hard to store a large a bulky product that cannot be folded.

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  1. this item is no longer on amazon and they dont know if it will be back or not

  2. My wife bought this for me just after Christmas from an online retailer. It is now February and the unit is not here yet. The reason is that this unit has been on back order from the manufacturer since January. I was told the reason was due to quality issues. No release date was given as of February 14. We got our money back.

  3. I got this appliance as a Christmas gift and it does everything I need – scrambled eggs, pancakes, and burgers are cooked great. I’ve had other electric griddles in the past, but never seen an appliance that can be folded like this Rival product. It’s really useful and saved me a lot of space.

  4. I agree that the folding feature of the Rival fold n store model does sound useful, but I would like to see a comparison between the Rival griddle and the Cuisinart griddler. The Cuisinart unit is quite expensive, but if it’s a good and quality appliance I am willing to pay for it.

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