Nostalgia Electrics FG100-BLK Folding Griddle

On this page you can find a review of the FG100-BLK model. If you wish to get the Nostalgia Electrics FG100-BLK folding electric griddle, Click Here.

First let’s share some information about the company itself. In short, the Nostalgia Electrics brand manufactures a variety of small electrical units worldwide, not only in America (the company ships its products to more than 30 countries all around the globe). The specific model reviewed on this page is only one of the company’s many products available on the market.

Nostalgia Electrics FG100-BLK Folding Electric GriddleAs you can understand from its name, this unit can basically be folded for quick and easy storage. Obviously, it can be quite useful in camping trips or if you just happened to have a small kitchen/cabinet. The griddler isn’t extremely heavy (unlike some of its competitors) so it can be easier to carry/maneuver as well.

It also has a total of 200 square inch of cooking space which is divided between two 10 inch by 10 inch cooking surfaces. So the size of the griddler is nice, it’s not as bulky and heavy as other countertop units, and the folding feature is just great. But what about the general performance of this folding design?

The Performance of The FG100-BLK model

To begin with, the electrical griddle is made of die cast aluminum that is intended to provide a more even heat distribution. While the heating mechanism of the Nostalgia electrical appliance seems to be okay when compared to other non-stick cookware (the cooking surface of this Nostalgia unit is also nonstick), it does have some hot spots that could make it hard to cook the food evenly.

Additionally, the appliance has two adjustable thermostats that would allow the user to change the temperatures – from 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Obviously, a better and more even heating mechanism would have made the product a lot more appealing to the average consumer.

Another feature of the FG100-BLK unit is the non-clogging drip tray that can make it much simpler to get rid of the extra grease that is generated while cooking different recipes and foods. It’s necessary to mention that this appliance doesn’t come with removable cooking plates, so it might be less comfortable to clean compared to models that do, in fact, come with removable nonstick plates (like the Cuisinart GR 4N griddler for example).

Moreover, some people reported that the “non stick” surface of this product was actually peeled off after a relatively short period of time. That said, the majority of the consumers wouldn’t like to have a product that just isn’t durable enough (even though it has an attractive price).

In case you insist on getting a folding griddler, then you might want to take a look at the Rival GRF405 fold-n-store griddle that can be folded like the Nostalgia’s model but also offers a lot more than that.

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