Wolfgang Puck WPER0010 Electrical Combination Skillet, Roaster, and Fryer

This is a review page of the WPER0010 model. If you wish to get the Wolfgang Puck WPER0010 electric combination skillet, roaster, and fryer, Click Here.

One of the first things you would notice about this electrical appliance is the big size of this unit. Obviously, a generously sized skillet can offer lots of advantages (like the ability to cook large amounts of foods simultaneously) but would also be quite troublesome to store. That said, the heavy WPER0010 model can be difficult to maneuver / store and might be hard to clean as well.Wolfgang Puck WPER0010 Electric Combination Skillet, Roaster, and Fryer

Another interesting feature that could be found in this appliance is the high-domed lid. Now, if you got the chance to see or try a couple of other electric skillets in the market (like some of the Presto skillets for example) then you would know that some models have an annoying problem – they lack a much needed steam vent in the lid. On the other hand, the Wolfgang Puck unit does, in fact, include an adjustable steam release control.

The Wolfgang Puck WPER0010 Skillet’s Performance

First of all, the heat distribution of the unit seems to be quite good. It heats evenly when compared to many other skillets, and this electrical appliance is also capable of getting hot enough to cook various foods properly. In addition, as you can understand from its full name, this product can function not only as a skillet, but also as a fryer and roaster – allowing it to cook an even bigger variety of dishes and recipes.

Similarly to numerous other such kitchen appliances (not only skillets, but also griddles, grills, Panini makers and etc), the WPER0010 design comes with a nonstick coating that would prevent the food from sticking to the surface and offer its users the ability to clean the appliance more easily.

However, there were some issues that were reported about the durability of this model, particularly with regards to the appliance’s controls (for example, one such problem is the numbers on the temperature controls that tend to disappear after a relatively short period of time).

Other than that, the WPER0010 skillet includes heat resistant side handles and a trigger release adjustable temps probe, both should make it more comfortable to cook with this electrical appliance. This particular product also comes with a baking rack that could make it more versatile and functional for the average user.

Additionally, the skillet itself can be detached from the base of the unit for easy cleaning, and it can actually be placed in the dishwasher because of the fact that it’s dishwasher-safe. On the other hand, it really is not recommended to put any “non stick” appliance in the washing machine since its nonstick coating is likely to get damaged sooner or later and thus make the whole unit completely useless.

Another point to consider is the actual price of the Wolfgang Puck electric skillet, which is far from being cheap when compared to its rivals, but there are other more expensive models in the marketplace.

If you plan to buy this specific design or a different electrical kitchen appliance, then it’s probably because you want to be capable of cooking a variety of delicious recipes. There are many common such recipes like scrambled eggs, pancakes, hamburgers, bacon, grilled vegetables, French toasts, beef, chicken breasts, cheese sandwiches, fish like salmon and etc. Obviously, some dishes would be healthier for your bodies and therefore should be preferred (for example the health benefits of fish are actually quite impressive) over foods that contain lots of fats and barely any vitamins. Whether you have the WPER0010 skillet or a similar kitchen unit, it’s often necessary to have some cooking skills in order to end up with amazing and tasty food recipes.

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  1. I have the skillet, I am very disappointed, heats unevenly, lid scratches non stick finish. Even though I have only used nylon and bamboo tools the non stick finish is coming off.

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