Rival CKRVGRFM10 10 by 20 Inch Design Black

This page is going to deal with the CKRVGRFM10 model of Rival. If you want to get the Rival CKRVGRFM10 10 by 20 inch electric griddle black, Click Here.

Unlike the GRF405 fold-n-store design (which is manufactured by the same company), this model cannot be folded for easy storage. But since this is also the case with the majority of electrical grills and griddles that we can find, it shouldn’t be a great deal.

Rival CKRVGRFM10 10 by 20 Inch Electric Griddle BlackThis Rival product has a 10 inch by 20 inch surface that includes a non stick coating as well. Obviously, it’s possible to discover countertop griddles that could offer more cooking space, but it’s certainly enough for the average users.

In addition, the ‘nonstick’ coating can help preventing foods from getting stuck to the surface of the appliance. However, it truly isn’t a unique feature and we are capable of finding dozens of indoor grills/griddles that include a similar nonstick coating, so it’s basically an industry standard nowadays.

And if the coating wasn’t enough then this cooking tool has more features that would make it easier to clean. For example, the CKRVGRFM10 design has adjustable temperature settings that could be removed from the rest of the unit. Other than that, when the temperature controls are removed you actually gain the option to immerse the whole body of the unit in the sink or in the dishwasher, because this product is dishwasher safe.

Nevertheless, it’s necessary to mention that washing the ‘non-stick’ cookware in the dishwasher isn’t always a smart move – it could damage the coating of the surface and significantly shorten the life span of such a kitchen appliance. So, the Rival CKRVGRFM10 griddle should be no exception on this issue – keep it away from the dishwasher if you want to care for your cookware.

Another thing that is included with this item is the drip tray. Both the tray and the grease channel of the unit can be handy be used for dealing with the unwanted oils, fats and grease that are generated while cooking various foods.

The CKRVGRFM10 model would most probably allow you to cook a wide range of foods from crepes, eggs, pancakes, French toasts, burgers and more. However, experienced users might agree that it’s not the best electric griddle for pancakes, and we have the ability to find other countertop griddles that can offer more useful features and more even heat distribution.

One of the most attractive things about this product is its cheap price. It really is far from being as expensive as the Cuisinart griddler and a couple of other cooking tools on the market – actually, this unit could easily compete (in terms of cost) with many of the Presto griddles that are known for having a low price.

Even though the CKRVGRFM10 design does offer some handy features for the average users, folks could benefit from other cookware products with larger (or smaller) nonstick cooking surfaces and a more efficient heat distribution. It should be noted that getting rid of unhealthy grease, oils and fats is important for the well being of our bodies. Furthermore, eating foods that contain nutritious minerals and vitamins is also extremely important, so reading various articles about health issues like info about fish nutrition could yield some great health benefits.

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  1. I bought this to replace a ge griddle that I dropped and I would never buy another one and will be replacing this one very soon I use it primarily for pancakes and meat and the heat cycling on this is horrible and not suitable for what I cook

  2. I would never own another one of these. As Wendy said, the drip tray breaks easily. But the worse thing about this unit is uneven heating, and failure to maintain even heat temperatures (the unit cycles on and off to maintain temps, but does so poorly).

  3. Do not drop the drip tray, because it will shatter into a million pieces, this happened to me the very first time i used mine and i cant get anyone to help me find a new one.

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