Review of The Presto 06852 16 Inch Electric Skillet with Glass Cover

This is a review page about the Presto 06852 16 Electric Skillet.

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Similar to many other Presto griddles, the 06852 model is also a big unit that can catch a lot of space, especially if your kitchen cabinet isn’t big enough. It is therefore important to consider it before purchasing this kitchen product and also make sure you have enough room for this large electrical appliance.

Presto 06852 16 Inch Electric Skillet with Glass CoverUnlike other griddles of the same brand, this machine is much more versatile – able to grill, bake, fry, roast, stew and cook a wide range of foods.

The high side walls and the way that this appliance is designed allow you to use it as a buffet server. Due to its large 16 inch base, this product can be sufficient for a large, hungry crowd and the fact that you can see the food through the glass cover just makes the dishes more appetizing and attractive.

Unfortunately, there is no steam vent in the glass lid of this Presto 06852 machine, and the appliance can slide on the counter top, especially when you stir the food. Thus, it’s important to be careful and aware of this product’s tendency to slide, and placing a towel underneath the legs might help preventing the unit from sliding around.

Moreover, the 06852 model has a nonstick surface that is supposed to prevent the food from sticking to it while cooking and allow easier cleaning as well. However, it is very easy to damage the nonstick coating of the unit, so you’ll have to be careful with how you treat the nonstick surface if you want to be able to use this item for more than a couple of months.

For example, one touch of a fork that isn’t especially designed for nonstick cookware can definitely ruin the nonstick coating of this appliance. Therefore, it’s important to use utensils that won’t damage the nonstick surface (such as silicone utensils) and before each use you should spread some oil with a paper towel across the surface.

Matfer Pelton Spatula
A popular utensil that is safe for nonstick skillets is the Matfer Pelton spatula. However, you should be aware that the Matfer spatula is designed for right handed people only.

On the other hand, the Presto 06852 skillet with glass cover can be fully submersible in water when the heating controls are removed, and the appliance is also dishwasher safe (but first you’ll have to find a dishwasher large enough to accommodate this big unit).

In addition, the product heats up quickly and quite evenly and thus it’s not uncommon to consider the skillet as a versatile unit that can cook large quantities of food in relatively short amounts of time. The 06852 design is also fairly cheap when compared to other electrical skillets, so it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that this particular model is so popular nowadays.

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t use the glass cover if it’s chipped, because of obvious safety reasons. It is recommended to read the manual and the instructions before using this Presto 16 inch skillet.

2 thoughts on “Review of The Presto 06852 16 Inch Electric Skillet with Glass Cover”

  1. I received this skillet for Christmas and have already thrown it away. Due to the fact that the skillet was removable from the heating elements, it didn’t get nearly as hot as the older models do. It would take an hour to cook anything, it would take 10 minutes to scramble eggs. I was very disappointed in this skillet. I have been looking for the older style where the skillet does not separate from the base.

  2. Okay, I just recently received the presto skillet and was surprised from it’s BIG size! It’s really spacious and it is too wide for my small cabinet…
    Unfortunately, this skillet really doesn’t have a vent and you can see the moisture accumulate inside the appliance. So I hope presto would take care of this issue… but overall It’s easy to cook with and so far we are happy with this electric skillet.

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