Review of The Top Rated Broil King PCG 10 Professional Griddle

This page contains a review of the Broil King PCG 10 professional griddle. If you want to obtain the PCG 10 design, Click Here.

The cooking surface of the BroilKing professional unit measures at 21 by 12 inches, thus making this model one of the biggest electric griddles in the market. Because of its sheer size and weight, it is recommended to make sure there is enough room in the kitchen for this big unit before purchasing it.

Broil King PCG-10 Professional Portable Nonstick GriddleThe PCG 10 professional appliance is equipped with a splatter guard and stainless steel handles. The removable splash guard helps protect the user from dangerous splatters and keep the countertop with less mess to clean up.

As expected from a large unit, the grease tray of the BroilKing professional griddle is considerably big, and able to easily drain the extra grease from bacons, hamburgers and other high fatty foods.

Another feature in this product is the ability to tilt the cooking surface by using the rear legs. The slope that is created by flipping the griddle’s legs helps drain the drippings into the removable drip tray. This, in turn, will allow the diners to eat healthier foods and will also ease the cleaning efforts. Moreover, the PCG 10 model is fully submersible when separated from the heat control and can even be put in the dishwasher (the problem is finding a dishwasher that can handle the sheer size of this BroilKing machine).

The way that the PCG-10 professional unit is built can also explain its heavy weight. Having a thick cooking surface and being made of heavy cast aluminum, this product can distribute the heat across the surface with barely any temperature fluctuations. The surface is much thicker when compared to other griddles, such as those of the Presto brand, thus it takes a longer time for the BroilKing professional model to get fully heated, but would result in a more even heat distribution.

While it does maintain its temperatures when properly preheated, it can be noticed that the left side of the cooking surface gets a bit hotter than the right. All electric griddles, particularly the big ones, have varying issues with uneven heating, including cold and hot spots and temperature fluctuations.

Unlike other griddles, the BroilKing PCG 10 professional machine doesn’t suffer from cold spots, and while the left side can be considered a hot spot, once this unit reach its set temperatures, it maintains the heat pretty well. In other words, the right side maintains its heating temperatures, and the left side which is slightly hotter also remains as hot for the time frame determined by the user.

This is probably caused by the curving heating element on the left side of this BroilKing product, and a good idea to deal with it would be to place the food on the right side of the appliance first. When keeping this fact in mind, cooking perfectly brown pancakes with the professional PCG 10 design is doable without great difficulty or efforts, and similar results would be seen with other foods as well.

The charcoal grey commercial cooking surface of the BroilKing product has a nonstick coating that prevents the food from sticking to it. In order to keep the surface nonstick it’s recommended to season it periodically and to avoid using metal utensils, as mentioned with more details in the manual.

Although the Broil King PCG 10 professional appliance is a bit pricy it offers great features for easy cleaning and quality cooking. The unit is also one of biggest electric griddles out there, and it can even reach the high temperatures that most kitchen griddles cannot achieve.

8 thoughts on “Review of The Top Rated Broil King PCG 10 Professional Griddle”

  1. I do a lot of beaten eggs. It does not appear to have very high sides, how does this unit handle food spilling over the edges? Does the splash guard work as a wall for handling food as well?

  2. what is the highest temp. this griddle will achieve?


  3. Hi there. Thanks for the information. I’m tempted to buy this right now, but I have a question about the “non-stick” surface. Every griddle I’ve had in the past (3) with non-stick surfaces get worn out and don’t really seem to last that long. I’m considering looking for something that I can use steel implements with and oil the surfaces instead of relying on ‘non-stick’. Any comments or suggestions there?


  4. How does this griddle stand up to warping?? I have had several and they are flat for a few uses and then the cooking surface warps and you end up with long skinny pancakes.

    • You probably had one of those cheap griddles (Presto maybe?) – most of them are made in China. Unlike this Broil King model that is actually made in America and would provide you with much better results.

  5. The broil king electric griddle does sound like a nice unit, especially if the food is cooked evenly, but I would like to know how effective is the broil king grease slope and the unit in general when facing large amounts of grease?

    • John I have one of these griddles. I love it! I have a large extended family that stays with us on occasion, and we do very large breakfasts. I did a pound of bacon on it one morning and had no problem with the grease. After that it was so many ancakes I lost count. I use it for grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids, and philly cheese steaks on poker night! The best money I have spent. Plus it is made in the USA! A true rarity today, we as a family are trying to limit cheap “oriental” made products.

  6. We have just ordered the Broil King Professional PCG 10. Hopefully, we’ll have good experience with this unit. If I am not mistaken, it was rated very high by Cook’s Illustrated and other magazines as well.

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