Review of The All Clad LTD 12 Inch Round Nonstick Grille Pan

This is a review page about the All Clad LTD 12 inch round nonstick grille pan. If you want to obtain this unit, Click Here.

The All Clad Brand is known to be a famous manufacturer of kitchen appliances and markets it’s cookware in the United States and in other countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Canada as well.

All Clad LTD 12 Inch Round Nonstick Grille PanBeing made of stainless steel and aluminum, this product doesn’t weight a lot, especially when you compare it to other grill pans that are made of cast iron or other heavy materials.

Probably because of the light metal that this unit is made of, the pan does heat up quickly but it can lose some heat when you place the steaks or other food on its surface, especially if the food is cold.

On the other hand, the heat is distributed quite evenly across the surface and the 12 inch round cooking surface is relatively large. Although the size of this model is big enough for about four burgers, it’s far from being as big as the extra large LTD nonstick grande griddle which is manufactured by the same brand.

While it’s not hard to clean this grilling pan and it’s safe to say that the nonstick coating is fairly good, it’s hard to notice any smoke flavor that you would normally find in food that is grilled on a real barbeque. The lack of smoke flavor makes the food taste differently when compared to authentic grilled food, but the dishes can still be tasty and delicious as long as you cook it well.

On a good note, this unit does leave appetizing grill marks on the cooked food, although those are slightly less evident compared to the black sear marks created by a real outdoor grill.

Despite the fact that this grilling pan isn’t as cheap as other grill pans, it’s also not as expensive as some other designs, including those of the All Clad company. Some people claim that the reason for its relatively low price (when compared to other grill pans of the same brand) is its lower quality.

Although it’s cooking surface and nonstick coating is good, some people would agree that this design isn’t as good as other quality All Clad appliances.

Other than the unit reviewed here, there are other kitchen appliances that can deliver nice cooking results. Electric griddles are usually more smooth and are great for cooking pancakes, eggs and more. On the other hand, you have got more versatile appliances like electrical skillets that while it’s still possible to cook pancakes with these units, the cooking results would probably be less good than the average griddle. However, the skillet can be used for a wide range of foods like different kinds of meat, salmon, meat loaf, as well as vegetables, potato, rice and there are really lots of other foods that can be prepared using the electronic skillet. Of course, grill pans like the LTD grilling pan reviewed here may be less versatile than the skillet, but they are still very useful and are usually quite better when it comes to grilled food.

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  1. I have got the same All Clad grille pan and what I like the most about the pan is its simplicity. The food is not as tasty as my bbq, but it is just simple and easy to throw this grill pan on my electric stove, and it’s easy to clean too.

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