Reviews of The Broil King Electric Griddles

The Broil King Corporation is a famous manufacturer that markets various foodservice appliances. Other than the popular BroilKing griddle, the company produces a wide range of products including barbeques and grills, buffet carts, convention ovens and more.

While there are a couple of models to choose from, one BroilKing unit is gaining a lot of attention and is constantly being chosen as one of the best electric griddles by multiple magazines – the PCG 10 Professional model. The other BroilKing griddles have yet to attain similar recognition, especially the GRD550 appliance of this brand that has a unique problem that doesn’t exist in other similar units.

Broil King PCG 10 Professional Griddle

Broil King PCG-10 Professional Portable Nonstick GriddleThis large appliance has a heavy cast aluminum surface which makes the unit quite heavy when compared to other electrical griddles. Being so big and heavy, this unit can be hard to store, so it’s important to make sure you have enough room for storage and enough space on the kitchen’s counter as well.

It takes a bit longer for this kitchen product to warm up, since it’s so thick. When preheated properly, it distributes the heat quite evenly across the surface, an important factor for perfectly brown pancakes.

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Additional two reviews of other griddles from the same brand are listed below.

Broil King USG 10G Ultra Large Griddle

Broil King USG-10G Ultra Large GriddleEquipped with rear legs to allow tilting the surface in order to get rid of the extra grease, this design offers a large cooking surface that measures at 21 by 12 inches.

Although this kitchen item is made from heavy materials that should help the heat distributed more evenly, there are some temperature differences on the surface of this appliance. Storage too might be an issue with this product, so it’s necessary to make sure that there is enough space to accommodate this big unit.

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Broil King GRD550 21 Inch by 12 Inch Heavy Cast Surface Black

Broil King GRD550 21-inch by 12-inch Heavy Cast Surface Electric Griddle Black

One of the more unique BroilKing griddles in the market is the GRD550 model that requires the user to assemble the unit’s parts. While putting together the parts is not hard, the problem is that the short screws have a tendency to fall off (and the fact the majority of electrical griddles don’t come disassembled).

This may require the user to buy slightly bigger screws, and there’s no doubt that it won’t cause the unit to be more popular. That’s too bad, since this BroilKing machine does offer a pretty large cooking surface and its heat distribution seems to be adequate.

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While It’s true that the PCG 10 professional design is quite successful nowadays, you shouldn’t always decide to get a specific product just because it’s very popular. In this case, however, the other griddles of this specific brand do seem to function less good than the PCG 10 model that is also popular in some restaurants, for example it wouldn’t be rare to find this item (as well as other products of this brand) at an Italian restaurant. Of course, there are other electronic griddles and kitchen appliances that may also pose a big threat to this BroilKing machine (the popular Cuisinart griddler for example). So you always want to check and compare lots of products in order to reach a better decision.