BroilKing GRD550 Heavy Cast Surface Model

This is a review page that’s focused on the GRD550 model.

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If you haven’t heard or read specific details about this particular design you may be surprised to see the actual product. While the cooking surface of this griddle is relatively big, this appliance does have a unique problem that simply doesn’t exist with other electrical griddles – it comes disassembled.

Broil King GRD550 21-inch by 12-inch Heavy Cast Surface Electric Griddle BlackOther than the fact that user has to assemble this unit, it just seems that the screws won’t fit right no matter what you do. You will probably have to buy or get other screws if you want to use this cooking machine. There is no doubt that the BroilKing company should solve this issue, the sooner the better.

On the other hand, the cooking surface of the GRD550 model is quite large, and you’ll probably be happy with the size of the unit unless you are looking for a small griddle. Like other large electronic griddles in the market, this product catches a lot of space, so you may have some trouble if your kitchen isn’t big enough to accommodate this appliance.

Although it’s mentioned in the description of this kitchen tool that the surface is a heavy cast surface, the surface is actually made from heavy cast-aluminum, which is much lighter compared to other cast iron griddles. Obviously, the surface of the Broil King GRD550 is nonstick, so it’s important to be careful not to damage the nonstick coating.

In addition, the heat distribution of this electrical machine is fairly good, and when you take into account that not many countertop griddles can boast with the fact that the heat is distributed relatively even across the surface – it is quite impressive. Of course, it would be smart for the BroilKing brand to improve the quality of the GRD550 design, not only for the customers but for the company itself.

Given the fact that this appliance comes disassembled with screws that don’t sit firmly and have a tendency to fall, it’s not surprising that the BroilKing GRD550 griddler is far from being as popular as the Broil King Professional PCG-10. However, the GRD550 model does offer a large cooking surface that cooks the food pretty well.

  • Of course, the kitchen product reviewed here is not the only large electrical unit in the market. Other than the BroilKing PCG-10 professional design that is already mentioned above, there is a Presto model that is called the Presto 07046 tilt n drain Biggriddle – and this unit also has a pretty big nonstick cooking surface. There are other Presto griddles that are large and bulky too, if you want to take a look in some of the other Presto electrical griddles you can just click on the blue link, pick a model and read the review.
  • On the other hand, if you are willing to compromise on a product that offers a medium sized cooking surface, you may want to check the Cuisinart 5 in 1 griddler GR-4N that is much better than the said GRD550 – it cooks the food nicely, easy to clean because of its removable plates feature and it can also function as a grill, half griddle and half grill, a Panini press and as a contact grill – so it’s more versatile than the countertop machine of BroilKing as well.
  • There is no doubt that the necessary improvements could make it a lot easier to market this big appliance. But since the customer have the option to choose between this unit, and a lot of other electronic griddles that some may be better and some may not. If it’s not simple enough for you to take the kitchen tool and cook some fast eggs or even hot dogs, then it is possible that the product doesn’t perform the work like it should (unless you have no experience cooking those foods, which is completely different). That’s why it’s recommended to investigate about the cooking machine you are about to buy, whether it’s the Broil King GRD550 or the Presto design.

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  1. I, too, am looking for a replacement power cord for the Broil King Model # 550 for my son’s family. When they relocated to their new home, the cord disappeared with all the packing. Can you tell me where I can get a replacement power cord?

  2. Is the Hudson Standard model # 550 electric griddle NSF approved?

  3. I am trying to find cord to hook into the griddle .Am not sure where mine went but cannot use without power. If you can direct me to proper address I would be most grateful,
    Thank You,
    Don Norris

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