Review of The Lodge Logic LPG13 Pro Cast Iron Griddle/Grill

This review page is focused on the Lodge Logic LPG13 Pro 20-by-10-7/16-inch grill/griddle. If you wish to get the this model, Click Here.

Being made of cast iron, the LPG13 design is not only relatively large, but it’s also very heavy (which is typical of cast iron cookware). Therefore, it’s recommended to be careful when moving this Lodge item, you don’t want this heavy unit to fall on your floor or worst – on you.

Lodge Griddle Logic Pro 20 by 10-7/16 Inch Cast Iron Grill/GriddleThe reversible feature of the product allows you to either use the ridged grill side (for steaks, burgers, etc) or the smooth griddle side that can be used to cook pancakes, eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches, etc. This kitchen tool also has a slight slope that is supposed to help you drain the grease and fat into the grease gutter.

In contrast to cast iron cookware, the average nonstick cooking surface is going to wear out eventually (and some would claim that even a slightly damaged nonstick surface is not only bad for your cooking, but bad for your health as well). While the Lodge LPG13 model doesn’t contain a nonstick coating that would wear out with time, it does act as if it had a nonstick surface.

According to Lodge, the LPG13 comes pre-seasoned and ready to use. However, you’ll have to season it nonetheless, since food does have a tendency to stick to the griddle’s surface in its first few uses. Unlike other nonstick griddles and cookware, the Lodge Logic grill actually becomes more nonstick with time if you maintain it properly. Furthermore, this interesting unit can also be used for camping, unlike most electrical griddles in the market.

Moreover, the product is not dishwasher safe and you shouldn’t use soap when cleaning its surface if you want it to be non-stick. Avoid using any scratch pads that may damage the cast iron surface, instead use warm water along with a soft brush or sponge. It can be a bit hard to hand wash this kitchen tool when you compare it to other nonstick appliances that can be put in the dishwasher, but it can literally last for years and still remain a great nonstick griddle/grill.

Lodge Logic Cast Iron Griddle/GrillOn the other hand, the center of this item does seem to get less hot than the right and left sides of the Logic LPG13 design. This is probably due to the fact that it’s a two burner griddle, so the center of the cooking surface is not supposed to be above the gas flame or electric coil.

It can be more evident if you try to cook pancakes with this product, since pancakes are best cooked on an evenly heated surface. In order to get the most out of this Lodge Logic grill it’s recommended to preheat the item. You should use low heat and slowly raise it until the desired temperature is reached – this will not only help the distribution of heat, but it’s also necessary for proper maintenance of this unit.

In addition, it’s important to point out that the Lodge cast iron LPG13 is a two burner griddle, and therefore it may not fit some of the gas stoves or electrical stoves in the market. The cooking surface of this particular product measures 20 by 10-7/16 inches, so it’s advised to check the dimensions of your stove and keep the receipt of this kitchen item just in case something goes wrong.

6 thoughts on “Review of The Lodge Logic LPG13 Pro Cast Iron Griddle/Grill”

  1. Can this cast iron grill be use on an induction cook top?

  2. After looking at a couple of electric griddles I’ve found the Lodge logic lpg13 griddle, which obviously isn’t an electrical unit at all. However, I was surprised to see how well it cooks – nicely and evenly as you would like. So far my only complaint is that the Lodge cast iron griddle is heavy, although you would expect so with a cast iron cookware.

  3. I have had this griddle for a couple of weeks and I am pretty happy with it, so I was surprised to hear about Wayne’s problem.
    Maybe it’s your stove or that the heat you use is too high, you should contact Lodge customer service and ask about it or try to get a refund if you can’t solve this problem.

  4. We picked up one of these and like it so far but have only used it twice. Each time it left a sticky brown “varnish” on the white stove top that was almost impossible to remove. Even with a sheet of tinfoil underneath. Wonder if this has anything to do with the “seasoning” and will stop over time. Any ideas???

    • Are you using a cooking spray? It will “coke” up and leave a residue similar to what you describe.

  5. It would be nice if your grill surface fit into an electric indoor grill.
    Trying to find an indoor electric grill without the teflon coating, just plain cast iron cooking surface, no luck so far.

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