Review of The Presto 07039 Professional 22 Inch Jumbo Griddle

This is a review about the Presto 07039 Professional 22 Inch Jumbo Electric Griddle.

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Presto Jumbo Cool Touch Electric GriddleThe large cooking surface of this appliance measures at 22 by 11 inches, thus making the unit capable of cooking enough food for a large crowd.

However, the center of the product’s surface seems to get less hot than the edges, and food placed directly above the heating element may end up with stripes.

It’s probably because of the relatively thin surface of the 07039 professional design. Although it is made of heavy cast aluminum, the surface is just not thick enough to distribute the heat as evenly as the user might want. It is a cheap appliance after all, and it can perform well if the user is willing to monitor the food and put some more efforts.

Therefore, it would be a good idea to place the food at the center of this Presto 07039 unit first. Keeping the food away from the heating element shape can prevent the appearance of those one inch stripes. In general, testing and experiencing with any grill or griddler, including this Presto Jumbo product, would help deliver better cooking results since neither appliance is completely perfect.

On the other hand, the nonstick coating prevents the food from sticking and makes this kitchen tool much easier to clean. When the heating control is removed, the unit is also fully submersible in warm, soapy water. Moreover, the grease tray of this machine helps draining the unwanted grease and can be removed with each use for simple cleanup.

Presto 07039 Professional 22 Inch Jumbo Electric GriddleIt’s important to mention that this electrical tool can catch a lot of space, so it is necessary check the unit’s dimension before purchasing it.

Similar to other Presto griddles, not every kitchen cabinet can accommodate the Presto 07039 model, and neither can every kitchen countertop.

Another important thing to note is that the legs and handles of this product are not very thick and can possibly break if the user is not cautious enough. Since safety is first and foremost, every kitchen appliance that can reach such high temperatures should be treated with caution, including and this particular cooking tool.

Overall this electrical machine is a cheap appliance that offers easy cleaning features and a large surface. While other Presto kitchen appliances may provide better cooking results, the Presto 07039 Jumbo griddle can still be used to cook pancakes, hash browns, eggs, bacon and more. If you don’t feel comfortable getting this particular unit then there are other griddles that may perform better but at a higher cost.

Other than the 07039 professional 22 inch Jumbo design there are hundreds of other kitchen units. Nevertheless, the electronic griddler is still no match for the popularity of refrigerators, toaster ovens, and other kitchen appliances that are just necessary for any normal kitchen. On the other hand, the Presto griddles are becoming more and more popular in recent years and should not be disregarded, including the Jumbo model reviewed here.

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  1. I did own this appliance, and I admit that it is a BIG unit. The surface is large enough for a big family, but I didn’t like the way this product cooks. You HAVE to monitor the pancakes, flip and move them across the surface if you want them to be cooked evenly.

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