Cuisinart GR-35 Griddler Compact

This is a review of the Cuisinart grill and griddle combo model GR-35.

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The product we’re talking about is a modern design that includes a couple of interesting features that can be found in many of the new countertop grills and griddles. One such feature is the removable cooking plates, also common in different appliances manufactured by the same brand as well as in other brands like the George Foreman company.Cuisinart GR-35 Griddler Compact

The removable plates make it very easy to clean, since you don’t need to carry the whole unit and wash it in the sink. It really is simple to dispatch the cooking plates and either clean them in the sink or place them in the dishwasher (the plates are dishwasher safe).

However, it’s generally acknowledged that nonstick cookware shouldn’t even get close to the dishwasher, even if it is dishwasher safe like the griddler GR-35. The reason is that the dishwasher can damage the non stick coating and basically shorten the lifespan of the appliance.

Additionally, the cooking plates of the are actually reversible and could be used as a griddle or as a grill by simply flipping these non-stick plates. In fact, the unit offers its users the 5 in 1 multi-functionality, similar to the famous Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 griddler. Both of these appliances can be used as a full griddle, full grill, contact grill, Panini press and half grill/half griddle.

Therefore, this compact cooking tool might be extremely versatile for cooking a wide range of foods (from grilled vegetables, cheese, toasts and Panini to burgers, bacon and etc), depending on how you use it and for what types of foods.

Unlike some other countertop units in the marketplace that come with a movable drip cup for collecting the unwanted grease, the Cuisinart griddler combo comes with a drip tray that is integrated in the whole body of the appliance. The integrated drip tray is much more comfortable, user friendly and useful than any annoying drip cup that you are capable of finding in other products.

Other things that are included are a dishwasher safe scraping tool and an instruction manual that also contains gourmet recipes that could be cooked with the griddler GR-35 design.

The heating mechanism seems to be nice for an appliance that comes with removable cooking plates (kitchen appliances that have non-removable plates are often considered to have a better heating mechanism and a surface that heats more evenly).

It’s probably enough for cooking the majority of the recipes and foods that you want, but it is also possible to find other units that would have a better heat distribution and could reach very high temperatures (but will be a lot harder to clean).

Even though the price of the Cuisinart GR-35 is not cheap, it’s still not as expensive as some of the other competitors that you can find. Overall, it is definitely an interesting appliance that includes a couple of useful features, it’s easy to clean and store and has a versatility that few other products can match.

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